Tropical Lounge Bar

Tropical Lounge Bar offers you the convenience of enjoying our delicious dishes with the best of Costa Rican cuisine and comfort of Arenal Hostel Resort.

All mornings, Tropical Lounge Bar opens offering delicious breakfasts, you can choose between an American breakfast, continental breakfast, or maybe a delicious Gallo Pinto (typical Costarrican breakfast).

In the evenings, after 2 pm, when the bar opens, come and enjoy our delicious cocktails and typical lunch our menu also offers, take the opportunity to come to our happy hour from 5pm to 7pm and drink a good cocktail; you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail in our wet bar, while you are swimming in the refreshing pool of Arenal Hostel Resort.

breakfast is not included

Nene’s Restaurant

It is located on 464th street in La Fortuna Town, the attention hours are, from 10am to 11pm, has a variety of dishes, from chicken, rice with shrimps, seafood, cuts of meat, and vegetarian.

Their prices range between C3500 to the C8000.

Don Rufinos

This is a restaurant with contemporary Costa Rican food and international,  located on the main road 100mts east from la Fortuna´s central park, diagonal to the gas station. This restaurant offers a great bar on the outside, the prices range from ₡ 3.855 to ₡ 35.793.

Kazan Restaurant and Bar

It is located across from  La Fortuna´s central Park, north side, it is a restaurant and bar with great nightlife, have very good “snacks”, including “chifrijo”.

The price range is ₡ 2,000 – ₡ 11,000

Soda La Hormiga

Located on one side of La Fortuna´s bus station, the best dish offered in this small place is the typical “Casado”. But you can enjoy any other typical dish in this great Soda.

Prices range between C2500 and C3000.